Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation

Oasis Diagnostics®, founded in 2002, is a technology leader in the standardized acquisition and subsequent testing of saliva specimens.  Headquartered in Vancouver Washington, with laboratory facilities in Portland, Oregon, the company focuses on delivering cost-effective, non-invasive solutions for people, through the development of proprietary tools for saliva collection and the provision of laboratory testing services for the research and life science market sectors.

The Company is always open to ideas from its stakeholders for new or custom products and provides customized solutions for saliva collection and immediate point-of-care testing using oral specimens.  Oasis operates an independent testing laboratory [the Oasis Research Laboratory, ORL] that offers fee-for-service testing of multiple biomarkers in saliva based upon a growing menu of tests.  The areas of interest include hormone testing, drugs of abuse, neuroendocrine biomarkers and others.